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We get many requests at BSM for help in finding user manuals and other documentation for music equipment. However, in many cases, music equipment manufacturers provide free downloads of documentation for their products at their sites. You can often save time by checking with them first. Links to many manufacturer sites are on this page, as well as our DJ Gear page, our Effects page, our Recording page, and several others.

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General Info

Drum Machine Museum This one of a kind site provides loads of info about vintage and current drum machines. Watch videos of fellow musicians as they share their favorite licks, techniques and tips - free.

Mark Glinsky's Manual Manor Operation manuals, service manuals, schematics, and other documentation for a large variety of musical equipment, including synths - for sale.

MIDI Wind Controllers FAQ Wide variety of info about wind controllers.

Moog Archives A collection of rare documents, photographs and memorabilia about Moog synths. A well-designed site with many interesting features for vintage synth enthusiasts.

Music Machines Miscellaneous synth info.

Musician's Tech Central A major and growing information resource for recording, MIDI, digital audio and indie how-to.

Sonic State Classifieds, forums and a professionals directory - but, especially, lots of info about synths.

Synth Zone Synth and MIDI resources. This site attempts to ease the search for synthesizer and electronic music production resources on the Internet. Photos, history of vintage analog synths.

Synti Groep This Dutch site offers for sale more than 20,000 manuals and schematics for synthesizers, samplers, amps, recording and effect gear, etc., in many languages, as well as several handbooks: one describing over 90 synths in detail, another describing 190 electronic drumkits in detail, and a third describing how to build the "Lightbox," a device to control synthesizers by means of light.

Vintage Synth Explorer Vintage synth info resources - info on over 450 synths.

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Manufacturers of Synthesizers

Akai Professional Digital recorders, samplers, synths - also, sound library, software updates and manuals downloads.

Alesis Corporation Signal processors, sound modules, and much more. Also, software and sound downloads.

Big Briar, Inc. Makers of the CP-251 Control Processor, which allows you to use voltage controls to modulate several analog synths and other voltage-controlled devices at the same time - includes several onboard modulators and a CV mixer.

Casio Keyboards, digital pianos.

Clavia Digital Musical Instruments Synths, electronic drums, sound libraries.

E-mu Systems, Inc. Sound modules, digital samplers, product archive, sounds, sound effects. See, also, The Emulator Archive which provides lots of info, including manuals, about samplers and other products that E-mu Systems no longer fully support.

Ensoniq Synths, sound cards, samplers, hard disk recording system, effects processors, downloads of sounds and sound effects.

Generalmusic Digital pianos, keyboards, ethnic keyboards, mixing consoles, and more.

Kawai USA Synths, keyboards, downloads of sound demos and K5000 operating system updates.

Korg Synths, keyboards, and more.

Kurzweil Professional and home products, keyboards, digital pianos, accessories, K2000 programming and sampling tutorials.

Kurzweil Downloads Software, upgrades, patches, sound files, online manuals, etc.

Oberheim Organ and piano sounds, guitar effects.

Paia Electronics, Inc. Do-it-yourself kits.

Peavey Electronics Synths, keyboards, and more.

Quasimidi Links Quasimidi apparently went out of business recently, and it's not clear if it has been taken over by another company. For related info, see these links at Synth Zone.

Roland U.S. Synths, keyboards, etc. (For info about Boss products, see

Waldorf Electronics Synths, and more.

Yamaha Wide variety of synths, professional audio equipment, accessories, software, etc.

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