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At Black Steel Music we get a lot of e-mail asking for help in finding specific schematics, manuals and other technical documents. Since we know how difficult the search can be, especially to find obscure or proprietary documents, we offer the following suggestions:

  • See if the manufacturer will help you. Manufacturers sometimes provide free document downloads at their sites. If they don't offer online what you need, try e-mailing your request to them. They might help you, but don't be surprised or discouraged if they refuse your request, or if they offer what you want for a price. Most are very protective of their interests. You will find a large number of links to equipment manufacturers throughout BSM:

  • Try contacting some of the owners of the sites listed on this page which offer schematics and manuals. Because they're often in the business of locating difficult-to-find documents, they can sometimes help you.

  • Place your request on the forum of our companion site, Musician's Tech Central. A lot of people interested in schematics, etc., visit MTC.

  • Search the Internet, especially for specific model numbers. If you don't find what you want at first, try various keywords to see what might come up. Sites dedicated to a particular brand name or product, for example, might offer clues.

  • Visit your local electronic parts store and look for technical publications that include schematics, etc. For example, Sams Technical Publishing is a large, well-known commercial publisher of electronics schematics, service manuals, technical books, etc.
Good luck in your search!

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Amplifier Schematics One-stop source of everything there is to know about ADA products.

Aiken Amplification Several do-it-yourself amp-related projects and lots of tube amp theory.

Ampage - Tube Amps and Music Electronics Amp/preamp schematics, DIY projects, and more.

Angela Instruments See "The How to Section" for several amp projects.

The AX84 Cooperative Tube Guitar Amp Project Offers homebrew guitar amp and effects projects for beginners and experts alike. See, also, The AX84 Discussion Forum.

The Blue Guitar Extensive collection of amp and amp mod schematics for Blues tones, plus some effects schematics and other info.

Dr. Tube Large selection of both guitar and audio tube amp schematics available for download.

Duncan's Amp Pages Amp schematics (mostly vacuum tube), and other info.

The Fender Amp Field Guide Lots of schematics and info about Fender amps, with descriptions and pictures.

Gibson Schematics Amp and instrument schematics from the famous guitar maker.

Guitar Amplifiers Lots of info about them - how they're designed, valves vs. transistors, and overdrive and distortion circuit design and schematics.

Guitar-related Circuits Variety of circuits - mostly effects, but some amps and pre-amps also.

HarpAmps.Com Wide variety of advice, articles, tips, do-it-yourself projects, schematics, etc.

Hoffman Amps Commercial site provides some free tube amp schematics and other info.

Larry's World of Blues Remarkably large number of amp schematics, most of them available on other sites, but conveniently collected here in one place.

Machine Gun Amps Schematics and info for Fender and other vintage guitar amps.

Obsolete Electronics With a primary emphasis on vintage tube guitar amps, this site promises to provide an ever increasing amount of schematics and other info for do-it-yourselfers and professionals.

Parts Is Parts Growing collection of guitar, amp and effects schematics.

PCA Guitar Amp Schematics Schematics for exchange.

Rickenbacker Tube Amp Schematics, Solid State Amp Schematics, and PA System Schematics Also, check the "Service" drop-down menu for additional information.

Schematic Heaven Free downloads of over 1500 classic music amplifier and effect schematics.

Traynor Amplifier Schematic Archive Collection of schematics supplied by Traynor fans. For additional information about Traynor amps, visit Velvet Black.

Triode Electronics Lots of tube amp and effects schematics and related info, plus links to other tube amp sites.

Tube Amp FAQ See, also, Tube Amplifier Debugging Page.

Tube Guitar Amplifier Designs Bass and guitar tube amplifier schematics.

viva Analog Wide variety of information about vintage guitar tube amps, including DIY info and schematics, plus vintage analog guitar pedal schematics.

Vox Schematics In US or UK versions, for sale.

Waltzing Bear Audio Many brand-name amp and preamp schematics, plus some schematics for condenser mics, effects, etc.

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Effects Schematics - Vintage and Other One-stop source of everything there is to know about ADA products.

AMZFX Variety of audio projects and guitar effects schematics.

Aron Nelson's Stompbox Page All kinds of effects pedals do-it-yourself info.

Build Your Own Clone: Effects Pedal Kits Variety of do-it-yourself FX kits for sale. Some of the downloadable step-by-step instructions in PDF file format include schematics. Site also includes a forum.

DiscoFreq's FX Site DIY projects, schematics, etc.

Echoplex Tape Delay Schematic The tube version. For additional info about the Echoplex, especially the tube version, see Maestro Echoplex Tape Delay.

Effects Schematics Archive Selection of 86 effects circuits in PDF file format.

Experimentalists Anonymous Large number of effects schematics and audio parts datasheets, plus a forum.

Fuzz Central DIY guitar effects, mostly fuzz pedals.

General Guitar Gadgets Variety of guitar effects projects and info.

GEO - The Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page Variety of schematics, Guitar Effects FAQ, Tube Amp FAQ, and other helpful info. Site created by an electrical engineer.

Guitar-related Circuits Variety of circuits, mostly effects.

Music Electronics ´┐ŻArchive aka Jamie Heilman's Archive or Leper's Effects Schematics; lots of schematics to download.

Music Machines Some schematics.

Pat's Tube Schematics Over 7000 schematics.

Plate to Plate Schematics of classic effects and amps, plus mods and original designs.

Robin Tomtlund-The Electronic Pages Schematics for guitar effects pedals, and do-it-yourself tips.

Spring Reverb Page How to use op amps to interface to spring reverb units in guitar amplifiers - schematics and FAQ included. Also, info on Accutronics spring reverbs.

Stellans Schematics Many kinds of guitar effects schematics.

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MIDI Do-It-Yourself Projects

DIY MIDI Controllers Using PIC Microcontrollers and Basic Stamps Do-it-yourself MIDI input devices.

How Does The MIDI System Work? From Indiana University, MIDI specifications explained.

John Loadsman's DIY Port-Powered Midi Interfaces for Macintosh and PC Schematics, parts list, etc.

Making a MIDI interface For PC, Mac, and other--articles from Harmony Central.

MIDI Hardware Roman Sowa, MSEE, an independent designer of electronic circuits for music, offers modules for creating DIY MIDI controllers for small and large instruments, keyboards, knob-boxes.

MIDI Hardware Projects Do-it-yourself projects from Hardware Web (some are becoming outdated).

MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) This is the group which maintains the MIDI specification as an open standard. Loads of authoritative MIDI general and technical info, including the three components of MIDI: the communications Protocol (language), the Connector (hardware interface) and the distribution format called Standard MIDI Files.

MIDI Wind Controllers FAQ Wide variety of info about wind controllers (March 1995 version).

The Rathole This site, maintained by an engineer, offers several interesting DIY MIDI projects (some are free). In particular, check out Harpsitron, Xylotron, and Mini MIDI Monitor.

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Synthesizer Schematics and Manuals

ASM-1 Analog Synthesizer Module Schematics and more for building your own modular synth.

The Emulator Archive A variety of info, including downloadable manuals, about samplers and other products that E-mu Systems no longer fully support.

Route 66 Studios These specialists in vintage synth and sampler gear offer parts, manuals, schematics and service docs for thousands of synths and samplers. (They also make floppy drives for Korg, Roland, Emu, Ensoniq, Akai, Alesis and many others.)

Synthesized Dreams and Nightmares Download manuals and patch sheets for a small assortment of vintage synthesizers, as well as some synth samples (mostly Yamaha), and more.

Synti Groep This Dutch site offers for sale more than 20,000 manuals and schematics for synthesizers, samplers, amps, recording and effect gear, etc., in many languages, as well as several handbooks: one describing over 90 synths in detail, another describing 190 electronic drumkits in detail, and a third describing how to build the "Lightbox," a device to control synthesizers by means of light.

Theremin World's Theremin Schematics Variety of theremin resources and projects.

The Wien-Bridge Theremin Circuit for a basic theremin with only a pitch control; uses the "heterodyne" technique.

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Miscellaneous Schematics, Manuals, Etc. One-stop source of everything there is to know about ADA products.

Akai Professional Download product manuals, documentation, sysex, drivers, etc.

Alesis Manuals in PDF format.

American Musical Supply Huge selection of owner's manuals for both hardware and software products - PDF format.

ART (Applied Research & Technology) Owner's manuals, product specification sheets.

Audio Transformers From Shure, an explanation of transformers in relation to wired microphones and audio usage.

Behringer To find a manual, spec sheet, etc., search for the product first by using the search box in the upper right corner of the page, then look under "Downloads" when the specific product page comes up. Incidentally, if you just click the enter button on the search box without inputting any product name, a page listing all of the products appears - saves search time.

Boomerang Musical Products Download Boomerang Phrase Sampler user manuals.

Carvin Manuals and datasheets in PDF format.

Chip Directory Numerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pinouts and lists of chip manufacturers, manufacturers of controller embedding tools, electronics books and much more.

Circuit Exchange International Schematics for audio level meters, music and special effects.

The CloneWheel Page Manuals, repair information, and tips on Hammond organ clones. Although the site has been inactive since July 2002, it's still useful. See, also, The CloneWheel Support Group, a currently active forum for exchanging playing and technical information about Hammond organ and electro-mechanical keyboard clone products by Clavia, E-Mu, Hammond-Suzuki, Korg, Native Instruments, Oberheim, Roland, Voce, and others. The group also discusses related items, such as stationary and rotating speaker systems, tube preamps, and MIDI interconnection.

Cool Schematics Amps, FX, and other schematics. This is a Polish site, but much of it is written in English.

DigiTech Owner's manuals in PDF format.

Discover Circuits This resource for engineers, hobbyists, inventors & consultants includes a collection of links to more than 11,000 electronic circuits and schematics, many of them useful for audio applications.

DOD Owner's manuals in PDF format.

Dunlop (Jim Dunlop Manufacturing) Links to instruction manuals in PDF format are located on specific product pages.

E-Music DIY Archive Variety of schematics for amps, effects, synths, etc.

Fender Product Support Manuals, schematics, wiring diagrams, setup guides, etc.

Fostex 280 Multitracker Owner Manual in PDF file format, plus other info.

Fostex USA Product manuals, brochures, data sheets and additional documentation for selected products - in PDF file format.

The Free Information Society - Audio Electronic Circuit Schematics Over 1400 schematics.

Free Schematics: Electronics Circuit Diagrams A large collection of free downloads, mostly pro audio equipment related, and including guitar amplifiers schematics, bass amps, guitar pedal schematics, effects, PA systems schematics and musical instrument wiring diagrams - some vintage. Access to forum with free membership.

Gibson Wiring diagrams, schematics, owner manuals.

Gourmet P A Systems List of in-stock schematics and service manuals for pro sound, lighting, and other music industry related devices - for sale.

Guitar Effects Pedals by Roger Mayer Small selection of notes and user manuals for guitar effects created by this renowned designer.

Hammond Organ Images and Information Includes links to schematics and other info.

HeadWize Lots of information about headphones and headphone listening, including a Technical Papers Library. The Projects Library section for do-it-yourselfers, including beginners, offers articles ranging from headphone tweaks to headphone amplifier construction plans.

How to Build a Studio Rack A step-by-step tutorial for building a custom studio keyboard stand and equipment rack on a tight budget with seventh-grade-shop-class skills, and without having to handle any dangerous saw blades. See, also, All About Racks And Rack Rails, which focuses on aspects of EIA 310-D, the standard 19-inch rack specification that is applicable to home studios and professional recording studios. It can be used as a guide for planning your own studio, or for building your own studio furniture. Also, plans can be purchased at Recording Studio Workstation & Rack Plans.

JBL Professional Technical Library An interesting variety of technical documents, plus owner's manuals for vintage products, available for download in PDF format.

Jensen Engineering Support Wide variety of schematics.

Korg Documents and manuals for various products.

Kurzweil Support materials for Kurzweil products, including samples, programs, demo sequences, online manuals, and other documentation.

Mackie Tech Support Specs, manuals, hook-up guides, etc. Electronic versions of repair manuals, schematic diagrams, etc., for home and professional audio-visual equipment, PCs and other electrical appliances - for purchase.

Mark Glinsky's Manual Manor Operation manuals, service manuals, schematics, and other documentation for a large variety of musical equipment - for sale.

MITA International (Musical Instrument Technicians Association) Browse site for loads of interesting and useful info, from Manufacturers Directory, to Service and Owner's Manuals, to Keyboard, MIDI and Organ Resources, and more.

Morley Pedals Manuals and schematics for current and discontinued pedals.

MPCsounds Owners manuals for Akai MPC products.

The Musical Instrument Makers Forum Interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument construction, design and repair.

One Electron's Tech Library: Pro Audio Equipment Large selection of schematics and manuals for a variety of brand names.

PAiA Electronics Large catalog of user assembled kits for a variety of electronic music products.

Peavey Electronics Search for owner's manuals and spec sheets.

Professionelle Audiotechnik - Mega Audio Variety of documents in downloadable PDF file format. Most are in written in German, but there's also a selection of Fostex documents, plus a few others, in English

Ranger Audio Enterprises Canadian site offers services, mods and repairs for musicians and the recording industry. See "Manuals" section for wide selection of schematics and manuals.

Rickenbacker Guitar and Bass Care And Maintenance Manual, Rickenbacker Guitar Overview Diagrams, Rickenbacker Guitar Component Diagrams, and Rickenbacker Guitar Schematics. Also, check the "Service" drop-down menu for additional information.

Rocktron Manual Library Look for manuals under the "support" section.

Roland US Product Support Owners manuals for Roland products, plus downloads, updates, etc.

Route 66 Studios These specialists in vintage synth and sampler gear offer parts, manuals, schematics and service docs for thousands of synths and samplers. (They also make floppy drives for Korg, Roland, Emu, Ensoniq, Akai, Alesis and many others.)

Sams Technical Publishing Large, well-known commercial publisher of electronics schematics, service manuals, technical books, etc. Some products are in downloadable form.

Schematic Connection Large variety of professional audio and music electronics schematics and service manuals - for handling fee or trade.

Science Lobby A collection of links to thousands of electronic circuits, schematics, etc., including audio circuits. Also, tutorials for both beginners and others for electronic design problems.

Seymour Duncan Support section includes guitar pickup wiring diagrams and other info.

Shure User Guides and Spec Sheets From Shure, guides and specs in PDF format for a variety of their products, including many discontinued ones.

Stewart-MacDonald Parts supplier for building and repairing stringed instruments, plus kits. Check out the extensive Free Information section. Also, see Stewart-MacDonald's Wiring 101 for a variety of wiring projects and information related to guitar pickups.

Tangible Technology Center This is the homepage of Eddie Ciletti, whose articles appear frequently in audio recording magazines. It includes a library of digital audio tape machine articles, plus a wide range of multimedia and audio recording topics, including vintage transistor and vacuum tube gear. Great site for techies and geeks, or for anyone having a problem with digital tape machines.

Tascam Manuals and tech documents.

Tips, Information and Do It Yourself Construction Articles From Shavano Music Online, assorted how-to articles about making cables, equipment covers and bags, crossover networks, lighting systems, speaker cabinets, etc., as well as tips about performing outdoors.

Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Pages Large assortment of electronics info, much of it useful to musicians. The electronics links section of this site has been moved to

Tonepad - A Resource For D.I.Y. Music Projects Offers ready-to-use, do-it-yourself layouts for effects and amplifier projects.

Vintage Manuals Large catalog of vintage audio, radio, and test equipment manuals - for purchase.

WebEE Tools Several Windows-based programs for download: signal analysis, spectrum analysis, waveform synthesis, oscilloscope.

Yamaha Manual Library Hundreds of owner's manuals for Yamaha audio and video products, electronic musical instruments, and professional audio products in PDF format. Available in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch. Also, a "History of Products - Yamaha Electronic Musical Instruments" and a "Glossary for Electronic Musical Instruments."

Zoom (Samson Technologies) Manuals, etc., for current and discontinued products.

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