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Drummer's Best Buys

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Drums and Percussion Accessories.

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Drums and Percussion Information Resources

Drum Bum Over 500 links to free drum lessons and tabs.

Drum Network Drum lessons, classifieds, chat, etc. Find out about drums, drum tuning, drum set reviews, and much more.

Drummergirl Information and support for women who drum.

The Hip Rhythm Digest A changing collection of transcriptions of performances by famous drummers. Watch videos of fellow musicians as they share their favorite licks, techniques and tips - free.

Meinl Cymbals and Percussion Tips, tricks, playing instructions and exercises from pro players. News, reviews, articles, forums, and more.

rhythmweb Lots of info about percussion instruments and rhythms world-wide.

TigerBill's Drumbeat Free drum lessons, tips, forums, and more.

Tomas Howie Drumming Web Lessons, technique, rudiments, ambidexterity, linearity, reading music, tuning, discussion, and more.

20 Tips On Creating Realistic Sequenced Drum Parts If you have never played drums, these tips can help you to sequence a more convincing drum pattern.

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Drums and Percussion Manufacturers

AKG Acoustics Drum mics.

Alesis Electronic drums, triggers, drum machines.

Alternate Mode Home of KAT Percussion MIDI controllers, such as the drumKAT, malletKAT, trapKAT, and dk10.

Audio-Technica Drum mics.

Audix Drum mics.

Ayotte Drums Handmade drums.

Boom Theory Acoustic drums, electric drums, drums with built-in electric triggers, drum modules.

CAD Microphones Drum mics.

ddrum Acoustic drums and electronic drum products.

DW (Drum Workshop) Drums, percussion, accessories.

Everyone's Drumming Hand drums.

Full Circle Drums Handcrafted ceramic doumbeks, djembek.

Gibraltar Drum hardware.

Grover Pro Percussion Drums, percussion, accessories.

Hart Dynamics Electronic drums and percussion.

Latin Percussion Latin drums and percussion.

Meinl Cymbals and Percussion Drums and percussion, plus tips, tricks, playing instructions and exercises from pro players.

Nady Systems Drum mics.

Pacific Drums Drums and percussion.

Paiste Cymbals, sounds and gongs.

Pearl Drums Drums and percussion gear, afro percussion.

Pintech Electronic drums, triggers, pads, and percussion.

Premier Percussion Drums, percussion.

Puresound Drums, accessories.

Remo Drums Drums, world percussion.

Rhythm Tech Drums, percussion, accessories, mounts.

Rocket Shells Carbon fiber snare drums.

Roland U.S. Electronic drums, drum modules, percussion, triggers, drum pads, controllers, control pedals. (For info about Boss products, see

Sabian Cymbals, gongs, and percussion.

Samson Drum mics.

Sennheiser Drum mics.

Shure Brothers Drum mics.

Tama Drums, hardware, parts, accessories.

Toca Percussion Drums, hand percussion.

Treeworks Chimes Chimes and cases.

Vater Percussion Drumsticks, mallets, accessories.

Vic Firth Drumsticks, mallets, accessories.

Yamaha Drums, electronic drums, drum machines, percussion, pads, accessories, and more.

Zildjian Cymbals Cymbals, drumsticks.

Zoom Drum modules.

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