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Guitar Best Buys

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Guitar Information

About Various Woods FAQ Extensive collection of information, including images, about different woods and their properties when used in musical intruments, especially electric guitars and basses. Very interesting. See, also, the author's home page, The Guitar Room.

ActoGuitar: Free Guitar Lessons Professional interactive instruction with audio and video for both beginners and advanced.

All Guitar Chords Approximately 2000 guitar chords, divided into two groups - normal and split - and 86 scales.

Anita Marquetry Online supplier of materials for marquetry and guitar restoration projects. Browse site for examples of decorative designs and work.

Basic Guitar Setup Tips For electric guitars, how to adjust the truss rod, the bridge, the height of the pickups, and the intonation.

Bass Player Articles, lessons, forums, reviews, downloads, and much more.

Better Guitar Guitar instruction, covering basics, chords, improvising, styles, and techniques, plus latest equipment news and reviews, and effects settings.

Bob Brozman Tips and Advice for Guitarists Tips for guitarists, guitar students (lessons), and working musicians.

BossGTCentral User forum and support for Boss GT owners - lots of info. Free online guitar lessons with audio, video, and tablature. This instructional site for folk guitar, banjo (bluegrass and clawhammer), assorted acoustic music, and other information of interest to folk musicians contains over 280 pages of tablature, tutorials, and more. Over 90 free guitar lessons on video, plus text-only lessons. Articles, tab, instruction, forums, reviews, etc.

Guitar Lesson Online Online guitar lessons, using audio and video. A set of beginner lessons available for free.

Guitar Lessons Guitar lessons by guitarist and teacher Andrew Koblick offered on DVD. His site also includes some free lessons, as well as articles, a newsletter, a discussion forum, and more.

Guitar Notes A convenient one-stop reference for every kind of info about guitars and guitar playing.

Guitar Player Online The popular magazine, including lessons and archives.

Guitar Player TV Lessons, interviews, performances, and much more - all on video. 150 free video guitar lessons by pro instructors - acoustic, Rock and Blues. Registration required.

Guitar Set-up Tutorial How to set up and maintain your guitar.

Guitar Tricks A community of guitar players building a library of freely accessible guitar information. All styles and methods of instruction welcome. Over 2000 guitar tricks available. Some free guitar lessons.

The Guitarists Network Wide variety of resources, including tabs, chords and scales, sheet music, lessons, etc.

The InterChart Download InterChart, a free interactive Java applet designed to allow the generation and exploration of scales, arpeggios, and chords for nearly any stringed and fretted instrument. Includes an extensive library of scales and chord voicings.

Jazz Guitar Online Free jazz guitar lessons online, tabs, chords, transcriptions, guitar chord charts, forum, and more. Watch videos of fellow musicians as they share their favorite licks, techniques and tips - free.

Musician's Tech Central A major and growing information resource for recording, MIDI, digital audio and indie how-to.

Play Guitar Magazine Information for beginning guitar players.

PreSonus: Recording Guitars From Presonus, brief tips on recording guitar. A major, one-stop resource for DIY info about guitar repair, modifying, or building. Includes over 200 tutorials, and much more.

Shock Hazards A must-read. Also, Additional Comments From A Master Electrician.

Some thoughts on used guitars, beginners, and so on Useful article from McCabe's Guitar Shop, the well-known musical instrument store in Santa Monica, California.

Tone Depot Site asks guitarists, bassists, and keyboard players to submit their favorite equipment and patch settings for the goal of finding the perfect tone or sound patch. Pro setups, recording tips, etc.

TrueFire Interactive guitar lessons and video courses available as downloads, streaming video and CD-ROM. Browse site for selected free guitar lessons on streaming video, or sign up for free membership.

Velvet Black - Traynor Tube Amps The history, models, dating techniques, maintenance, and other info about the vintage Traynor amps.

Victor Wooten - Video Lessons on Bass Technique, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 From the famous bass guitarist.

viva Analog Wide variety of information about vintage guitar tube amps, including DIY info and schematics, plus vintage analog guitar pedal schematics.

Weber Vintage Sound Technology Loads of information about vintage loudspeakers.

WWW Guitar Advisor Basics about buying, owning, and taking care of guitars.

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Guitar Equipment

Alvarez Handmade guitars.

Ampeg Guitars, basses, amps, equipment, downloadable user's manuals and specifications.

Andrews Guitar Custom guitars.

Aria USA Electric and acoustic guitars.

Auerswald Instruments Basses and guitars.

Baker Guitars Custom-made guitars.

Blues Pearl Amplifiers

Breedlove Guitars Handmade acoustic guitars and mandolins.

Carvin Guitars and equipment. Request their free catalog.

Cerwin-Vega PA gear.

Crate Guitar and bass amps, PA gear, accessories.


DeArmond Guitars and basses.

Dunlop (Jim Dunlop Manufacturing) Guitar products and accessories, plus effects electronics and pedals.

Effectrode - Tube Effects Company Professional tube effects pedals for guitar.


ESP Guitars Electric guitars and basses.

Fender Guitars, amps, accessories.

Gecko Guitars Australian custom-made electric and bass guitars.


Guitar Effects Pedals by Roger Mayer From the inventor of effects for Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, etc.

Hamer Guitars


Italia Guitar and Bass Straps High quality, handmade, leather guitar straps - sold factory direct.

Lace Music Products Electric guitars, bass, acoustic pickups.

Martin Guitar Company Acoustic guitars.

McCabe's Guitar Shop This well-known musical instrument store in Santa Monica, California, specializes in acoustic and folk instruments, including guitars and other stringed instruments - sales, repairs, rentals, lessons, accessories, etc. Check the list of famous artists who have played there.

McNaught Guitars Custom-made guitars.

Modulus Guitars Electric guitars, basses, preamps, accessories.


Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Pro Tone Pedals Budget-priced guitar pedals built one at a time by musicians.

Q-tuner Pickups High-tech neodymium powered pickups for guitar and bass.

RainSong Graphite (yes, graphite) acoustic guitars. Interesting explanation of the physics.

Rickenbacker Guitars and basses.

Seymour Duncan Pickups.

Tacoma Guitars One of the largest US acoustic guitar companies.

Takamine Guitars

Taylor Guitars Acoustic guitars.

Thorndal Guitars Electric guitars and basses made in Germany.

Tom Anderson Guitarworks Electric guitars.

Vigier Guitars Electric guitars and basses.

Warrior Guitars and basses.

Washburn Guitars

Yamaha Guitars

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Guitar Tablature

Death Warp Heavy metal tablature - over 1000 guitar and bass transcriptions and powertabs.

Dillons Page Tabs archive.

Harry's Blues Lyrics & Tabs Online Dedicated to blues lyrics and music, and includes links to blues tabs and chords. Multiple awards winner. Rock and alternative tablature archive.

Oh Canada Tab Archive Tablature, lyrics for songs by Canadian artists.

OLGA, the On-Line Guitar Archive A large library of tablature files. Punk-Ska tablature, reviews, lessons, interviews, and more.

Utopian Tab-Page Guitar tabs for rock and classic rock.

rukind Classic rock tabs, chords, lessons, etc.

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